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Mothered by that golden land of coliseums, Emperors, tomatoes & formaggio, nomadic Brother Lorenzo’s wayfaring began beneath Venetian clouds, when he was but a gosling. Captivated by canvas & colour alike, as Romulus rose, so too did our young aesthete, kerning, aligning & adjusting, late into a thousand eves. Deepest knowledge acquired, skill somewhat attained, Lorenzo sailed forth now to the empire state of Helvetica & Akzidenz-Grotesk, colossal liberty & generous


portioning; New York. New York, from where our accomplished Lorenzo now practices. Crafting exquisite works of balance & form, intellect & worth, endurance & immense beauty, from the gilded nation that gave forth to the Renaissance, one finds another Renaissance Man. Somewhere south of Williamsburg. Indeed, our fabled hero is known by a name that someday all of America too will know. Signor Lorenzo Fanton, the greatest Italian Designer east side of the Hudson.